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Single Pole Tikis Florida Keys

Single Pole Tikis Florida Keys

Tiki huts are a popular and fun way to provide a comfortable respite from the sun. In addition to tki huts you may also be interested in single pole tikis in the Florida Keys. Single pole tikis are a smaller version of a tiki hut. They are similar to sun umbrellas but are much more decorative. They allow a permanent respite from the heat of the sun and protection from minor rain showers.

Single Pole Tikis in the Florida Keys

Single pole tikis in the Florida Keys are extremely popular. They are relatively inexpensive ways to decorate your property, pool area, beach or other area while giving people a place to relax out of the heat. They can be placed alone or on decks or adjacent to pools so that people can easily enjoy them.

A single pole tiki can be made into a small oasis where people can stop and sit for a few minutes or longer. You can place small tables and chairs or other seating options under them to encourage people to stop and rest. They are great for golf courses, miniature golf courses, backyards, nature areas, beaches, resorts, poolside and almost anywhere.

These small-sized tikis are perfect for small spaces and anywhere you want to add some extra shade. They are made from natural materials and have a thatch roof just the same as tiki huts. The top is typically round thatch with a pole in the middle. You can choose the size that best fits your purpose. There are two-pole tikis available if you need a slightly larger size that cannot be supported by one pole alone.

How to Use Single Pole Tikis

Single pole tikis in the Florida Keys are ideal for a number of different settings. If you own a resort or hotel you will want to place several around your property to promote quiet spaces for your guests. They are perfect for placement around a tiki hut. You can add some seating or a small table and chairs underneath where patrons can enjoy their tropical drinks. They will effectively increase the number of guests you can seat.

Single pole tikis can also be placed alone, allowing people to place their beach or lawn chairs underneath. If you provide some nearby your beach area, for example, people can easily get some shade before returning back to their sunny spot.

Purchasing Tiki Huts

It is best to purchase single pole tikis and tiki huts from a reputable contractor. You want to make sure that the materials and workmanship are high quality. A sturdy tiki pole will hold up through all types of weather and wind conditions. These structures require little maintenance. However, they may require repairs to the thatch roof over time. The sun and weather damage the thatching and your tiki may need to be re-thatched. This can be performed by a professional contractor with experience repairing tiki huts. Contact Southern Cross Contracting today to learn more about our high quality tiki huts and to get an estimate.


Single Pole Tikis Florida Keys
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